Another year for all of us;
the sunlight still shines through the dust
that falls around our lives unseen
to gather where we seldom clean.
A year of skies, a year of school,
a year of locks, and bars, and rules;
the times when silence was too loud,
the times you would have made me proud.

I wonder if you think of me,
or ever find me in your sleep
those times it seems our dreams entwine,
with I in yours and you in mine
in scenes with loose elastic time
where wisdom’s left all words behind.
And in my mind you’ve somehow grown;
refined by subtle lines, and though
I know my visions will deceive,
while I’m asleep, I still believe.

I doubt you’d recognise my face
outside that hazy meeting place,
but every morning you’re still there:
I press my nose into your hair,
embrace away the smallest cares,
and wish your hearts as light as air.
You’re with me in the smell of rain,
the sound of gulls, and distant trains,
and wherever my day begins,
still every night I tuck you in.

Some things we choose to have or lose:
to love, to leave, to want, or use:
but some are sewn into our souls
and lie outside our own control.
You’re part of me I haven’t lost,
as gradually I count the cost
and though you wouldn’t know my voice,
I love you, as I have no choice.